I’ve had this routine in the back of my mind for a while but just haven’t had a chance to tape it for you! Abs are like any other muscle group in the body–we can use weights to add more muscle and get more definition, but they also must be rested. (Giving them at least a day of rest in between) This routine will be an additional challenge for some of you who have been building ab strength and for those of you just starting, it will work great too! Just take away the weight! Add this video to your normal routine 2-3 times a week!

Remember–it doesn’t matter how strong your abs are if you have a layer of fat over them, so while these exercises will help your midsection, what you put in your mouth will help more!

*Note: If you have a separation of the ab muscles (diastatis recti), then take caution doing any ab exercises. To find out if you have it and what to do about it, check out the Mutu System! Great site with lots of resources!

I suggest watching the video one time through before doing it!


Follow the video below, or print off this document to do on your own!

"Good Time" Weighted Ab Routine (Free printable & Video!) | peak313.com

If you can’t see the video, then click this link!

Explanation of Exercises:

1.) Weighted Crunch

Take the weight and place it overhead as you lift and lower. Draw the abs down to the mat and relax in the upper body.

Weighted Crunch | peak313.com


2.) Knee Drop

Place the weight between the knees. Drop the legs down and bring them back up as you squeeze in the lower abs. Also be sure to squeeze the weight between the knees! Keep the hands behind the head for support and keep the upper body relaxed!

knee drop | peak313.com

3.) Figure 8

Sit up and grab the weight as you keep both legs down. Circle the weight between the legs in a figure 8 fashion, under and over. After it’s made it’s way 4 times, drop down into a crunch and come back up. Repeat. You can do this half time to make it harder but be sure you are still in control. Don’t get sloppy!

figure8 | peak313.com

4.) Seated Twist

Sit up and grab the weight. Place both feet on the ground to start out. Turn side to side placing the weight at the hip. Keep lifted in the chest. (the tendency is to fall back a bit) To make it harder, lift your feet as you twist. I prefer that you keep your knees closer to your chest, however you can extend them away a little just as long as you have support in your lower back.

seatedtwist | peak313.com

If you have any questions or need any further explanations, then feel free to ask!