Most of us understand the importance of feeding our family healthy food. After all, we are bombarded daily with stats from the latest studies telling us how terrible a previously loved food item is now for us! We hear so much about the importance of eating organic, whole foods, but so many of us really struggle with a.) fitting it into our budget and b.) availability. I am a huge proponent of shopping locally and supporting farmer’s markets and the family businesses that carry the organic, healthy foods you want, however not everyone has access to these types of businesses! I have a great solution!

Let’s back up for a minute. About 3 years ago, a lovely lady with the facebook name of Mrs. Joseph Wood asked me to be her facebook friend. She was mutual friends with Courtney from Women Living Well (a “real life” friend of mine). After “chatting” with her online a bit, I knew right away, that we would be long time friends! Her day to day life looks totally different than mine (She has 11 kids and lives on a farm!) but her life for the Lord and for those in her life makes me feel like we have everything in common! She is authentic and inspires me every day! I’ve had the chance to get to know her daughters too, and they are all just so lovely! (I finally met her in real life a few weeks ago! )

Covenant Ranch Trucking |

Which brings me to the purpose of my post. Jeanette’s family owns a company called, Covenant Ranch Trucking. Her husband (and son!) drives truck for Azure Standard. (You can find out more about them here) Azure Standard is a distributor and also raises food, from companies that we just love–and they deliver them to a drop off spot near you!

You grocery shop online and within a few days, you pick up your order at a drop spot near your house! How fantastic is that?! Their prices are comparable, if not better, than what you’d pay at the store and the quality of food that I’ve gotten has been fantastic.(Not to mention the personalized customer service!)

A final note–if you are looking to have someone speak to a group, then I highly suggest Jeanette! I just went to a workshop she put on in my area and it was so helpful! She talked about many issues in regards to “Reclaming the Family Table”. So if you’d like to feel this company and family out, then I encourage you to contact her!


Here is a sample of some foods I’ve received from them! This is a “picnic” themed order!

Covenant Ranch Trucking: Fresh, natural food delivered to you! |

Here is a sample of one of my order’s from them so you can see the type of foods they have.

Azure Standard Order


So what should you do if you want to find out more about this fantastic company and the products they bring to you?

1.) “Like” them on facebook!

2.) Find out if there is a drop location near you!

3.) Browse their catalog!

BONUS: Check out their awesome recipes! Seriously. Amazing!

Are you a customer of theirs? I would love to hear about your experience!


 *I was compensated with the picnic basket of food, however all the other stuff I do willingly each month!