A couple months ago I asked on my Facebook page…..

15 Easy Meal & Snack Prep Ideas...Suggested by YOU!! | peak313.com

Of course you all came through with flying colors! I loved your ideas and wanted to get them down on a post so everyone can benefit!! I am going to write a post later about meal planning 101 and some things to consider, but for now, these simple ideas might be just what you need to get started—or to give you something new to try! Meal and snack weekly prep is probably the number 1 thing that keeps me on target in my health. Remember–your eating has SO MUCH MORE to do with your health and physique than any sort of exercising. If you are struggling in your health, then I suggest that you take a couple hours one day and instead of hitting the gym, hit the grocery store and kitchen!

(Check out this post for 9 “30 minutes or less” clean eating dinners that were suggested by you!)

15 Meal & Snack Prep Ideas : www.claresmith.me


1.) Hard boil a dozen eggs (Click here to put them in the oven and make the “perfect” HB egg!) Try these “Salsa Eggs To-Go” for a different variation!

2.) Measure out and bag up protein shakes

3.) Meal & snack plan for the week

4.) Wash, cut, and bag up produce

5.) Scramble together eggs and ham for easy breakfasts or snack the rest of the week

6.) Make homemade granola or protein bars

7.) Chop up and put all your salad veggies in a bowl

8.) Make up separate salads in tupperware, then just grab protein and toppings! (Place a paper towel on top of salad to absorb moisture)

9.) Make a big pot of healthy soup for easy dinners or lunches

10) Make a crockpot full of chicken, then portion and/or freeze as needed!

11) Portion and bags nuts!

12) Cook up 3-4 sweet potatoes.

13) Make a big pot of quinoa to add to a salad, dinner side, or breakfast!

14) Fill up a few gallons of water. Add lemon if you’d like! (try this tip below!)

waterjugtimes: claresmith.me

15) Make a pitcher of unsweetened green or black tea


I should note–you can make this prepping time a lot of fun! I wrote a post at The Better Mom giving you some ways to do just that! (hint: Bring your kids in to help)!

Aren’t these fantastic ideas?! I hope you were inspired with them! If you have more that you’d like to add, comment below!