I got an email a couple weeks ago from 2 fantastic ladies from the website, “Clutter Interrupted” to be interviewed for their radio podcast. They had me at “clutter”, as that’s how my house (and brain) feel most of the time! I was so excited to chat with these gals.

"Clutter Interrupted" : Interview with Peak313 | peak313.com

I invite you to come over to their site and check out our interview! It’s about 35 minutes long, so play it during your workout, or while cleaning your house, or making dinner!

We talk about lots of things like why I started Peak313, what the best fitness plan is, does “only” 15 minutes count, and what my favorite brand of workout shoe is right now! I hope you can walk away with a lot of tips to help you along!

Also, I want to let you know of a post I did on The Better Mom’s site. It posted last week but it was the day before my webcast from the Women Living Well conference aired and I didn’t have time to get it up here!

The post is about getting through the “fall frenzy” healthy and whole! It’s so hard right now so I give you some of my favorite tips, recipes, and exercises to help you there!

Getting Through The Fall Frenzy Healthy & Whole | peak313.com