A key to keeping your calories in check, fueling your body for energy, and saving money on drive thru foods is to be prepared with healthy snacks when you are on the go! One of my favorite snacks are hard-boiled eggs. I take about 30 minutes to prepare this (and many other things) for the week. It makes a huge difference in what I eat for the week when I take the time to do this!

Here is a great twist to the hard-boiled egg. Sometimes you just need a little something to give it pizzazz!!


Hard boil your eggs. Place in refrigerator before peeling. It makes that process a little easier!

Peel eggs. Place in snack sized plastic bags. (Or small plastic containers) Place in a container in the refrigerator for easy grabbing.

Buy or make your favorite salsa. Keep it in a container close to your hard-boiled eggs.

When you are ready to leave the house, grab an egg (or two!) and salsa. Slice your egg. (Don’t slice all the way through!) Place a scoop of salsa in it. Zip up bag! If you don’t feel like slicing, then just dump a scoop in the bag!

It’s ready to rock and roll with you!


What are some of your favorite snacks to pack? How else do you eat your hard-boiled eggs?