The “Living + Active” Grand Prize Packages!

The "Living + Active" Challenge: Grand Prize Packages! :

Well hot diggity dog! We’ve got ourselves a challenge with a whole bunch of you interested in it! Judging by the emails, comments, and training guide sales, we are going to be starting this challenge out on Monday, October 5th with quite a few of you! (Need more info about the challenge? Find out all […]

The 4th Annual “Living + Active” Challenge! (& something new!)

The 4th Annual Living + Active Challenge! Starts Oct 5th

It’s HERE! Yes- I’m back with the 4th annual “Living + Active” Challenge! 4 years! Every time I think that one through it blows my mind! I had no intention of this being an annual thing when I first started so the fact that we’re sitting here 4 years later is amazing! I am SO pumped […]