I found this quote on Beth Moore’s twitter feed a month ago and put it up near my desk. This pic resonated with many on my social media accounts so I wanted to make sure those of you who may not use instagram or Facebook had access to it. Feel free to pin, re-make or print off. Thankful for social media and the power of encouragement!


If you claim the name of Jesus in your life, you can better believe there is a war going on around you. Sometimes it’s a trial, or a test, or a temptation or just plain-out warfare, but no matter what it is, God has allowed it in His sovereignty and you can better believe Satan is trying to get you to fall and stay in the dark.

Sometimes we need reminded of this (which is why I keep this quote at my desk) and instead of shirking back, giving into defeat, we need to stand strong and work that spiritual armor! Jesus, right now, is interceding for us on the throne. (Romans 8:34) We can do this today. Yes we sure can. #battleplan #gameon #warrior

If you knew this season was a test played out before an audience....Beth Moore : www.claresmith.me