It’s Shed & Share Wednesday! I had the chance to actually meet Kris live and in person while I was at Relevant! So good to see “face to face” one of the Shed & Share success stories! (She looked awesome!)

{The Basics}

Name: Kris C

Age: 33

Profession: Stay at Home Mom, Homeschooler, Blogger, Writer.

How long have you been on this weight loss journey?

For the last 2 years. (After having my 4th baby!)

Weight Loss/Inches Lost:

35 lbs

(Kris, before and after!)

{Your Story}

What was your “low point”?

Seeing myself in pictures at the end of my last pregnancy. I had gained far more than the recommended amount. I was the biggest I’d ever been and felt terrible about how I looked. I felt heavy and lacked energy.

How did you get started?

I joined Weight Watchers, and started working out with the FIRM videos in my home.

What is your workout routine and eating plan?

I got up every morning at 5AM and worked out for an hour, and followed Weight Watchers recommended eating plan, tracking points for everything I ate and drank.

{Help Us!}

What are your top 3 favorite resources that helped you along the way?

Weight Watchers was a huge factor in making my weight loss possible. I don’t think any other program would have worked as well for me at the time.  The FIRM videos were also really good, I had several so I didn’t get bored from using them.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is sitting on the sidelines and waiting?

Get off the bench and start working towards your goal. You’ll definitely never get there if you don’t try. Allow yourself to try, and fail and try again. YOU can do it. Pray for strength. Praying and seeking God in this weight loss venture was a huge factor in my being able to stick with it.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is in the process but is feeling discouraged?

Change your routine. Do something else. I hit a plateau, I stopped with the videos and started the couch to 5k program, 6 months after starting that program, I just completed a 10 mile race. Change is good!

If you are a parent, how have you balanced everything?

The balance is the hardest part for me. I have to wake up very early to exercise, otherwise it would not happen. The upside is, if I can get it done before the kids are all up, then it’s one less distraction from being with them. I won’t lie, it’s hard!!

Anything else you would like to share?

I want to encourage people to just start somewhere. I settled for years and believed that I was just ‘designed’ to be a size 14/16. I just accepted that and gave up, for years. One day I decided that was enough and that I would at least make a serious effort. Even if I hadn’t lost the weight, but had gotten healthier, I could have then said that was true. But I say, don’t settle. I think as stewards of what God has given us, we have a responsibility to care for our bodies and treat them with respect. This includes eating decent foods and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I am definitely not there completely. But I am trying. Don’t settle! 😉


Kris, you have some EXCELLENT words of wisdom for us! How encouraging! Thanks for sharing your story!

Do you have a Shed Story that you want to share? We want to hear it! Please contact me below or to be a part of the series! Stay tuned because I have many more women with more inspiring stories to come!