It’s time for another Shed & Share story! Today we have someone who I’m sure you know…Candace Cameron Bure! We have been working together now for the past 5 months since the start of her online magazine, RooMag (I am one of the senior co-editors there) and she has been so awesome! I asked her if she minded sharing her story and she jumped right on it! For more info on her journey, please pick up her excellent book, “Reshaping It All”.


The Basics:

Age : 35

Profession: Actress, Mom, Author, Speaker

How long have you been on this weight loss journey: Since I was about 10.

Weight Loss/Inches Lost– My heaviest (not including pregnancy) was 135 pounds- which doesn’t sound like a lot, but at 5’2 it shows. At 16 years old I initially lost 20 pounds. After having 3 kids, I now sit around 108 pounds and am a size 0-2. (Just remember I’m petite, not a super model!)

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What was your “low point”?

Let’s just say I’ve had a few low points in my weight-loss/fitness journey. When I was 16 years old, I remember shopping before a trip to Orlando to film two episodes of Full House at Disney World. I went into The Gap to pick up some new shorts and tops and while in the dressing room I thought, “That’s weird! These size 4 shorts are SO small!” I went and grabbed a size 6. I still couldn’t button them. I asked for a sales person to grab me a size 8 and when she came back all I could say was, “Why did The Gap change their sizes? They’re running super small. I mean, I can’t even get a 4 over my butt!” It never occurred to me that I’d gained weight. Filming those 2 episodes at Disney World were painful. I guess because we had costumers that bought and fit the actors for all the show clothes, I never paid attention to the sizes they were buying. Obviously they knew I’d gained weight, but it became very apparent to me when I had to hide my belly fat in baggy overall shorts. Thankfully, that look was really in style! I was at my heaviest weight and felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. This wasn’t who I wanted to be. As I watch those episodes today, many memories come flooding back about how self-conscious I felt and how bloated I looked. It was at that point, I knew I wanted to get professional help from a trainer and learn to eat better and start exercising.

A secondary low point was in my early 20’s when my fitness plan and eating plan had been on track but I started using food as an emotional crutch. Every time I was lonely, depressed and upset I turned to food for comfort. I started binge eating when my husband was out of town. Food tricked me into thinking it was my best friend and because of the types of food and amounts I started eating, I started purging in secret. This road to recovery was more challenging but one I overcame and share in my book “Reshaping It All”. You can read about my journey along with practical tips and advice there.

How did you get started?

Initially at 16, my parents enlisted a trainer that came to my house 3-4 days a week for 45 minutes. We worked out at 5am, before heading to school/work in my living room with nothing more than a broomstick, sans broom and a chair. It was an old-school work out, lots of jumping jacks, push ups, crunches, squats, leg lifts, dips, and mountain climb runs (hands on ground, legs alternating in a running motion). He also taught me what foods to avoid/eat in moderation and how to cut back on portion size. Within about 5 months I lost 20 pounds. I continued working with a trainer for about a year, then decided to start working out on my own. My fitness routine and workouts have varied over the years, as well as my weight having been pregnant 3 times.

What is your workout routine and eating plan?

Currently, I take group cardio strength classes at my gym 2-3 times a week, lift weights with my husband and run. I like to switch things up often, so my workouts become very seasonal depending on the weather. If I can workout outside, I love to. If I need motivation, I join a class or grab a buddy.

Because I don’t have a consistent routine, it’s hard for me to describe exactly what I do each week- which also varies depending on my work schedule. I like to walk stadium stairs and took pilates for about 3 years which I LOVED. I haven’t since I moved back to L.A.Overall- I try to get in at least 30-45 minutes of cardio. It might be on the elliptical machine at the gym or running on the beach path by my house. I also consider weight training very important and think a lot of women over look this. Building muscle not only tones us, but it helps us burn fat- more than cardio alone will do. I also love an athletic build and aspire to have ripped arms and abs one day! OK, it’s more on my bucket list since I love to eat- but I feel pretty inspired after my muscles are pumped and I can see definition where I never could before. And having gotten up to 7 pull-ups, I was impressed with myself!

Eating plan- I always eat breakfast since I find that I’ll overeat at lunch if I don’t. It usually consists of a cup and a half of low fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit like blueberries on top, or a protein powder smoothie with non-fat milk and frozen fruit/berries. Lunch: A leafy green salad with vegetables (no cheese or croutons) and a palm sized piece of protein like chicken, salmon or tuna. I always order my olive oil based dressing on the side and dip my fork in before each bite. Or a sandwich- but I keep my carbs from bread and pastas to a minimum. I also love sushi and if that’s for lunch, I’ll order 5-6 pieces of sushi, a small roll like yellowtail with green onion or spicy tuna with a side salad and ginger dressing (on the side). I don’t order anything that’s fried or has mayo in it. Snack- handful of nuts, piece of fruit, greek yogurt, or my leftovers from lunch. Dinner: Lean protein and grilled/saute’d/or steamed veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, brussel sprouts, squash, kale, spinach, etc. Dessert- almost always!! Either a piece of fruit, a popsicle, small piece of chocolate. ( I usually indulge in a decadent dessert when I’m out at a restaurant cause I love it so much!) That’s just a general idea of what I eat. I probably snack a bit more than I realize, especially off my kids plates, but it depends on the day and whether I’m working or not.I don’t drink soda but stick mostly to water, cold pressed veggie juices, iced tea (no sweeteners) and decaf coffee- and sometimes a glass of wine with dinner.

Help us!

What are your top 3 favorite resources that helped you along the way?

♦ Find a buddy!!! My husband is my biggest motivator. Ask your spouse or a friend to go with you and stay accountable together.

♦ A great online resource and personal life coaching is I’ve read Becki’s book “Let Prayer Change Your Life” and it has. She also incorporates how important the spiritual is with the physical.

♦ “Reshaping It All” – advice to motivate you and keep you on track by putting your faith into the forefront of your relationship with food.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is sitting on the sidelines and waiting?

Stop sitting and start doing! What do you have to lose (aside from a few pounds!) Grab a friend, commit it to God and start a journey you’ll never regret.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is in the process but is feeling discouraged?

We all hit stumbling and roadblocks. Remember, the goal is not the finish line. The goal is the journey itself. You can ALWAYS pick yourself up and keep going. Read scripture daily to remind yourself how God will empower you to do all things through Christ. He is the strength you need, so read your bible and be motivated each day by Him to pursue Him.

If you are a parent, how have you balanced everything?

This is WAY too big of a question to answer well! Remember- you are the example for your kids. What you do, they’ll do. How you view fitness and food, they’ll most likely view the same way. Have fun, relax and allow your kids to be a part of the journey with you. They need to know about eating properly and exercising daily just as much as you do!

(Candace said she usually doesn’t eat Fruit Loops, but it was good color for the picture, in case you were wondering!)


Thanks so much for sharing, Candace! I know many can relate to the up and down of emotions and weight they’ve experience even in their childhood.

If you have a shed story that you would like to share, please email me! I’d love to have you!!