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Rock it.

Summer sandal time so we gotta get those toes ready! You all know that my bad habit is biting my nails, but my toes are in pretty good shape depending on how much running I’ve been doing. It’s time for a cute pedicure and I just love this idea and color!

And if you can’t afford getting a pedicure all the time (hand raised) then, here’s a great DIY tutorial on doing it yourself!

Work it.

I don’t have a sewing and/or gift wrapping room, however these 2 ideas make me want one! Anything I have regarding these two areas are just thrown under beds, in rubbermaids and stuffed in closets! Maybe I’ll be doing a little organizing this week?!

Source: via Clare on Pinterest

This is probably more practical for me. I have lots of random ribbon around here!

Source: via Clare on Pinterest

Love it.

My great blogging friend, Darlene (Time-Warp Wife) just opened a second website called $2.99 or Less that offers affordable Christian eBooks. All eBooks are $2.99 or less, and she’ll be adding as many freebies as she can!

I also want to mention to that “Reshaping It All” from Candace Cameron Bure is on sale for $2.99!! You seriously do not want to miss this book!!! It has changed so many women’s lives.