I got this fabulous recipe from my friend Stacy! It has sort of an “Asian” taste. I have passed it onto a few other friends and it has been a hit with them It is a few basic ingredients which is great when I’m at the store and I don’t have my list. 🙂

Asian Apricot Chicken


♦ Boneless chicken breasts (however many you need)
♦ 1 1/3 cup apricot preserves
♦ 2 packs Lipton onion soup (1 box)
♦ 1 cup water


Put the chicken in a casserole dish. Mix the apricot preserves, onion soup, and cup of water together then pour over chicken. Bake covered 1 hr on 350. Stir halfway through. (I put mine in the on low all day in the crockpot!) Serve over rice.

(Yes. Those are boring, canned green beans. My kids love them though! 🙂)

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