I get contacted often by companies who want me to review their fitness and health products. One might think that I would jump at the chance to get free product in return for a review, but I don’t! So you know that this is something that I think is worth both your time and mine.

One thing that’s worth money to me is good workout clothes. Now, most of my clothes are purchased from the clearance racks at Target or at Marshall’s, however, I’ve come to find out that there are 3 things that I won’t skimp on–sports bras, shoes, and my basic workout bottoms. If I had to pick my “go-to” workout bottom wardrobe item, it would be a 3/4 length pant. The full length ones make me hot (so I only wear if I’m running outside in the cold), and I do love compression shorts, but they aren’t always the right length and can inch up while exercising. The 3/4 length pant is the perfect option!

SKINS Compression Clothing (Product Review) | peak313.com

Admittedly, when SKINS contacted me, I had to do a little research on them as I had never heard of them before! However, it didn’t take me long to realize that their products were top notch. They have created products that help your muscles AS you workout and even after, in recovery, by enhancing circulation of oxygen to your muscles which helps you go harder and longer, and recover even better. From their packaging,

“Engineered gradient compression means our tights are not just tight, but provide the correct level of pressure in all important places. This increases your blood flow which enhances oxygen delivery to active muscles to get you through the toughest workouts. In addition improved circulation helps reduce lactic acid build-up and delayed onset muscle soreness so you can workout more often.”

I’m in! :)There is a lot to the technology, so you will probably benefit from checking out their FAQ’s page to find out more!


So now to the actual REVIEW of the product!

I wore my tights while teaching pilates, and also during one of my regular workouts. (Which included running, strength training, and plyos) I wanted to be able to compare between the different styles of exercise.

I’m happy to say that I was very happy with my tights in all settings! I jumped, ran, went on my knees, and did everything you can think of in them! But let’s back up a second. Can we talk a second about putting these babies on?

When I got the package and pulled out the tights and held them up, I was like–um…I think I ordered the wrong size. And then I started putting them on and I REALLY thought that I ordered the wrong size! I grabbed the package to check out the size chart (it’s very unique in how you figure out what to get–see below) and I confirmed that I did get the right size. Then I saw the little note that said, “If you happen to fall in between sizes, we recommend you go for the smaller size. Trust us, they won’t be too small”

SKINS Compression Clothing Sizing : peak313.com

Ahh-I felt much better.

So after I wiggled into these things (sort of like putting on pantyhose), I noticed right away how GREAT they felt! Man, they fit like a glove, and even though they were tight, they weren’t uncomfortable. I was dying to get a workout in! Here are some pics of them! (You can see the different texture/material in them depending on which muscles to work)

Front/Back SKINS : peak313.com

Here’s the pocket for your key.


The top is not drawstring–which I LOVE.


Wicking is another important factor to me in workout wear. I don’t want sweat to be pouring off me, nor do I want tons of visible areas of it! I was amazed at the amount of wicking from these things. I could feel where it was pulling the sweat, but you couldn’t see it anywhere, nor did it sit in a puddle. Thumbs up, there!

Washing was great, too! I put them in the washer with similar items and then hung them to dry. They were great with no pilling. I did notice that they kept my natural shape even after a couple washes, so that was neat. It does really seem like it has some sort of “memory”!

Let’s get vain for a second. Who wants a pair of pants that make you appear bigger than what you really are? Why not have some that make you look smaller? Guess what? These pants did just that! I thought that they did a good job of hugging the right curves and smoothing out areas that needed (ahem) smoothed. They also have a very nice feel to them–sort of silky!

SKINS Compression Clothing (review) : peak313.com

I’m sure you want to know if I thought that my muscles felt better and recovered quicker than usual. Truthfully, it’s hard to tell as I only used these a few times. I can’t say that I felt any major differences, however, I didn’t feel any worse, so that’s a positive!

Let’s talk price. To be honest, this is probably the only drawback to these pants, as they aren’t in the range that most of us would normally spend on workout bottoms. These pants (the A400 3/4 Compression Tights) will run you $129.99.  The good news is, I asked the fine folks at SKINS if they would offer a discount to my readers and for ONE WEEK only (starting today, Friday November 22nd until Friday, November 29th) they will offer these EXACT pants for 20% off plus FREE shipping! So for just a little over $100 you can have a very FLEXIBLE pair of workout pants (A “little black dress” of workout wear, as they say!) that will make you look and feel great! If you wear them once a week for year, that’s just $2 a wear–and if you are like me, you’ll probably wear them more than once a week! —> Use Code: SKINSPEAKOFFER

If this is a little out of your price range, but you are still interested in their products, then ask for some gift cards for Christmas!

OK–off to put these on and get my workout on! I would love to hear if you own any SKINS Compression Wear!

*I was provided with a product in order to write this review – all opinions are my own.