If there’s one thing that has been consistent in talking about the Olympics, it’s that they’ve been inspiring. They’ve touched each of us differently and have caused some of us to do more than just sit in awe.

It’s caused some of us to go for the gold. 

For some, it’s inspired you to try something new.

I’ve never been a swimmer but guess what’s on my list for this fall and winter? Yup. Swimming at least once a week. What a great time to step into the unknown!

For some, it’s re-kindled a fire. 

Were you reminded what it was like to slip into your swimsuit, don your goggles and glide into the water?

Do you miss the comradarie of your high school volleyball or basketball team?

Did you catch yourself saying, “When I did that 15 years ago….”

Did it stir your soul?

Do you wonder if you still have it in you?

Then I want to encourage you, to get that gold, girl.

(A cake pop for a physically motivating post? Why not?!)


I want you to take the momentum built from these 12 days of Olympics and let that take you into your next step in your healthy journey.

Start swimming at your community pool.

Lace up and hit that high school track at 6am.

Grab some friends and join a local volleyball league.

Sign up for a local race.

Volunteer coach for a community kid’s team.

There is no better time than right now to take it to the next level.


So I want to know. What have the Olympics done for you? Are you working out harder? Are you getting back into your “first love”? Are you ready to try something new? Tell me below. Let’s encourage one another in our efforts to get that gold.