Pinterest. Ahhh. Isn’t it beautiful? It has given women (and men!) everywhere a refresh on life! I’ve really enjoyed setting up my boards and finding cute, practical things for my life. I think Pinterest is “eye candy” in it’s best form.

I look for many things to put up on facebook or twitter from Pinterest. I love the motivational quotes and beautiful pictures that display them. However, I’m seeing a trend. In an attempt to be motivating, I’m finding a lot of pictures popping up with “hot”, toned women in minimal clothing.

I see two sides to this but I want to know what you think?

Things that go through my mind:

♦ Do they provide motivation for you?

♦ What is it about them that provide such motivation?

♦ Do they affect your self-esteem?

♦ How much skin is too much skin?

♦ What example does this set for younger generations?

♦ Should we be judging anyone who is dressed like this?

♦ What factor does the opposite sex play into it?

♦ How do those who struggle/have struggled with eating disorders feel when seeing them?

This is a real issue, be it on Pinterest, exercise DVDs or at the gym. I have my own thoughts on these but for now, I want to leave the discussion amongst you all.

Please “weigh” in! What do you think of them? Answer some of my questions I have listed above and let me know what you think!