I posted these thoughts on my facebook page Sunday night and wanted to share them with you who don’t follow facebook, or didn’t catch it!

The words, for me, were more of a declaration that I needed to make out loud, even though I believed it with my heart. From the response I got, I’m not the only one struggling with the balance of fear and faith.


FEAR. It’s what’s facing many of us as we send our children to school tomorrow. It’s what we think about as we sit in movie theaters, enter an airplane, or interact with someone a little different than us.

But FEAR is not what God has called us to…He has called us to lead and act with FAITH. May our FAITH be what pulls us through our desperation as we pray with hurting friends, hug a lonely child, or mentor a lost soul as we live out being the light of the world!

Our days are no surprise to God. The days ordained for us were written in HIS book BEFORE one of them came to be. (Psalm 139:16) And because of this promise, we can rest that the One who came to be “WITH US” years ago in a manger, is the One who will be with me as I ride this roller coaster of life…in FAITH.

Father, may we understand and feel Your presence in our lives. Guide us in how we should display Your light and LOVE to those around us. And when satan comes lurking around with the whispers of fear in our ears, may we loudly proclaim that our God is GREATER! Amen