Here is another burst you can add into your at home workout routine or at the gym. Your heart rate will get up on this and you will also feel the burn in the legs!

The Basic Moves in this Video:

♦ Squat with a Circle Knee

Start with legs wider than hip width apart, with toes pointing out a little. Squat deep and as you stand, circle the knee around. Make a full circle with the knee and get it up nice and high. Squat down and repeat on the other side. Hands can stay on the hips or hold them in front of the face to make it harder. (16 reps)

♦ Punches

Punch forward right/left and up/down. Rock from the hips to engage the core. Keep the lower body strong and stable with a wide stance. *Do NOT stand up. Keep the legs in a squat (16 reps)

♦ In/Outs

Keep your legs in a squat position and move the legs quickly in and out without standing up. Hands can stay on the hips or can be held in front of your face. (16 reps)

Repeat as many times through as you’d like!

(Click here if you can’t see video)

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