I am so excited to let you know that “Hoodwinked: 10 Myths Moms Believe & Why We All Need To Knock It Off” releases today! YAY! I am super excited about this because two of my very dear friends, Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk wrote the book and this was the curriculum DVD taping I attended this summer!



This book will enable mothers to:

  • Identify the ten myths of motherhood our current culture perpetuates
  • Replace the lies with the truth of what God says in the Bible about mothering
  • Acquire practical tools to help them form new and improved thought patterns and healthy behaviors
  • Forge healthy, supportive relationships with other moms of all ages and stages
  • Confidently embrace the calling of motherhood as they care for their families in their own unique way

During our taping, I wrote down SO many notes. It’s hard for me to pick just a few to highlight but here are some:

“We should number our days not so we live fearfully, but in an effort to live more faithfully. Our time as a mom is not infinite or limitless. We count our days so we can make them count.” Has rushing caused you to miss the moments of motherhood?

“Do not tether your identity to the choices of your child—whether stellar or stupid. We are not our child’s choices.” Have you been tempted to believe that your child’s bad choice means that you are a bad mom?

And I just LOVE this graphic! What a challenge for my mama heart!

Hoodwinked Book : www.claresmith.me

Here’s the trailer for the DVD curriculum. (You may notice someone familiar in it!)

So what are you waiting for? Today you can get your copy of the book here on amazon and if you want the study guide and DVD, grab it here!

Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe And Why We All Need To Knock It Off : www.claresmith.me


p.s. Check out this book club! What a great way to go through this with some friends!