I thought I would put up this post about some frequently asked questions about the challenge in hopes that it might answer some of your questions! Here is the first post with the announcement and initial info!

If this is your first email from me, make sure you check out this page for all the posts and material about the challenge! It will always be there for reference. (Check your SPAM folder if you aren’t getting my emails and you are signed up)

Also, don’t forget about the pre-challenge giveaway! You and a friend will win a 2 month streaming subscription to Moms into Fitness to help you with your exercise and nutrition goals! In order to win this, you must like both Moms into Fitness and Clare Smith (either on instagram or facebook) OR if you aren’t a social media person, leave a comment below. We will choose the winners in the evening of Friday, January 11th and notify you via email or social media!

Moms into Fitness

  • instagram : @momsintofitness
  • facebook : www.facebook.com/momsintofitness
  • www.momsintofitness.com

Clare Smith

  • instagram : @claresmithofficial
  • facebook : www.facebook.com/claresmithofficial
  • www.claresmith.me


Q: Where do I sign-up?

A: There are no “official” sign-ups. I only ask you to sign-up to my email list so you don’t miss a post. I also post on Facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter but it’s easy to miss those!


Q: How do I check-in every week?

A: Great question because the check-ins are how I know if you are eligible for the grand prize! Every Monday (starting Monday, January 21) will be an easy form to fill out on the blog. If you get my posts to your email or follow me on social media, you will be notified!


Q: Can I memorize the scripture verse in another translation?

A: Absolutely! Memorize the scripture however you feel it is most beneficial to you


Q: If I already know the verse(s) for the week, can I choose another one?

A: Yes! The point is that you are getting scripture in your mind!


Q: I am not able to do a lot of the exercises and can only walk. Is that ok?

A: Yes! Remember, this challenge is specific TO YOU. I just want you being active 4 days a week, 25 minutes minimum, so how you accomplish that will be unique to each of us!


Q: Are before and after pictures a requirement to be a part of the prize winners?

A; No! Just for your use!


Q: Do you have any Facebook groups for the challenge?

A: My friend Holly has lead one for the past couple years and it has been a huge encouragement for people! You can join it here if you are interested. Also, feel free to start your own!


Q: I am pregnant/injured. Can I do the challenge?

A: Yes! Just make the exercise modifications to work with what you need!


Q: I am in my 50’s. Am I too old for this?

A: Goodness no! The beauty of this challenge is you make it work for YOU! We have had many people in their 50’s. 60’s, and even 70’s in the past take part!


If you have any other questions, please leave them below and I will be sure to answer them.