I know that this time of year is CRAZY! We have extra parties to attend, shopping to fit in, Christmas cards to address, and volunteering to be done, so one of the first things we tend to leave out is our workout! Many of you are determined to keep this in check thanks to our holiday challenge, “21 days to a Hunger-Free (& Healthy!) Holiday “, but for those of you who need some additional motivation, maybe this will help!

You’ve heard many times that quick, intense workouts do a great job in regards to your health–and I’ve found this to be true in my own life! Sometmes you just can’t hit a home run, but making a hit to first base is what you can do–and that’s just fine! Here is an 18 minute routine that you can do on your own as soon as those little feet hit the floor! I was going to make a video, but since extra time isn’t something I have right now, that isn’t happening. Ha! Blast your own music, OR, use this Christmas playlist I created! I tried to get some fun, up-tempo music that you may not usually choose. These songs are all done by Christian groups or musicians!



Hoppin' Holiday Workout Playlist: www.claresmith.me

Or grab playlist from iTunes!


And now, onto the workout!

The image below is just a quick reference for you. Read below for details on each move if you aren’t sure of them!

You will need a timer of some sorts and a pair of dumbbells. (A light and heavy pair would be awesome, but if you don’t have both, then it’s not necessary) You will want to do each exercise in each circuit for 45 seconds without stopping. Don’t sacrifice form and rest when you need at ANY time. Rest for 15 seconds before you move to the next exercise!

(Right click and download the image to your computer or phone, or screensnap it on your smartphone for reference!)

"In a Hustle" Holiday Workout: www.claresmith.me


1.) Jumping Jack, Jog in place, Squat with circle knee

Circuit 1

1.) Curtsy Lunge with shoulder raises

2.) Skater Taps

Circuit 2

1.) Rear Lunge Kick with bicep curl

2.) Weighted Jumping Jack: Take one weight and press it into the air as you do a jumping jack.

Circuit 3

 1.) Burpee/Renegade Row/Push-Up

2.) “W” Hops: Hop left, center, right,center, left and repeat.

"W" Hops | peak313.com

3.) Weighted Plank Pull

Circuit 4

1.) Alternating Punches

2.) Cross Jab with a knee (Make sure you do both sides!)

Cross Jab with a Knee | peak313.com

3.) Knee Drive (right and left side)

Knee Drive | peak313.com

Circuit 5

1.) “The Hover”

2.) Thread Thru Needle



Remember, you do not have to sacrifice your health during this season! There are very practical ways to keep you in the game if you want it! What are some of your tips to keep you moving during the holidays?