I didn’t get a chance to do New Move Monday. You name it, it happened. But that’s ok, because I figure that you might have an interest in seeing exactly what I did for my real life workout! I exercise at a college gym and I honestly think the dudes in there think I’m insane. I don’t talk to any of them because I get in my own zone, but I know they have to wonder why this blonde tries to rule the roost in there. HA!

(I’m not going to explain these moves, so if you are curious what some of them are, ask in comments and I can explain further)

The honest truth is EVERY SINGLE workout of mine is different. Every one. I don’t walk in with a plan but I do walk in with different parts I want to focus on, or a new exercise I want to try. I also enjoy doing exercises at the gym in pair combinations. So I’ll do one exercise and then quickly move to another, then go back to the first and repeat. Remember, I’ve decided to take it up a notch this month, so I’ve been hitting it hard and heavy.

If I used weights, I noted it. Also 2×12 would be read 2 sets of 12 reps.

Today’s Workout: April 23, 2012


2 miles on treadmill. 6.5mph .5% incline


♦ 2×14: kettlebell swings (18 lbs)

♦ 3×10: incline chin-ups

♦ 3×20 sec: skater hops & tap (PLYO BURST)

♦ 3×12 chest press pulley machine (10lbs each side??)

♦ 3×10 single leg hip thrust (my new fave move)

♦ 2×12 tricep kickbacks

♦ 3×8 Combo: traveling push-ups, plank jacks, mountain climbers (cardio burst)

♦ 3×12 wall balls (12 lbs)

♦ 3×12 wall jumps (Plyo Burst)

♦ 2×10 single leg dead lifts (20lbs)

♦ 2×12 bicep curls (12 lb each arm)


3×12 Combo: leg raise/oblique crunch on leg raise machine

2×12 punch up punch out (on my muffin-top makeover)

Basically, I was am toast. I realize that this looks like a lot, but it took me about 65 min from top to bottom. I don’t take a ton of time to rest in between exercises as I like to keep my heart pumping.

So. What did you do today for your workout?!

*Note: My strength day workouts aren’t always this intense or involved. I was “feeling it” today and went for it. Plus I was due for a good one! 🙂