I’m working on getting more practical workouts for you—both ones you can watch on video and ones you can print off. Until then, take a look at some of my practical GET MOVING tips!! (FYI–I’ve used 6 of these tips already this week, and it’s just Wednesday!)

1.) Never go longer than 3 days without working out. It is too easy to lose momentum and to drop a habit so be very conscious about this. Remember that objects in motion stay in motion!

2.) For you stay at home mamas: Start out the day in your workout clothes. (unless you will be working out much later in the day) I find it’s easier to go ahead with my routine if I’m already dressed!

3.) For those of you who work outside the home: Pack your gym clothes and go to the gym directly after work. I found that when I returned home after work, I was more apt to cancel my workout.

4.) If you want to workout in the morning, pull out your clothes, shoes and ipod the night before. I don’t know exactly why this works for me, but it does. It’s almost like it makes my decision more concrete once I take the time to prepare! (This is real life people. See pic to the right from last night’s prep.)

5.) Give it 10 minutes. If you have no interest in working out, tell yourself that if after 10 minutes of doing your video, running, walking..whatever, then you can quit. I bet you’ll find that you will keep on going –and be glad that you did.

6.) Pump it up! If you are struggling getting motivated to workout, then put in some high energy music that gets you going. Nothing like some heart pumping music to send some good vibes through your system. Start tapping your foot, or dancing around. Those good endorphins may just be enough for you to continue on with your routine!

7.) Plan your week. Some of you are lucky enough to have the same exact routine every single week, so your exercise fits nicely into those allocated spots. Others of you may have some weeks that don’t always look the same. So, if it’s going to be one of those weeks, take note of that. Is your usual Tuesday spot going to be filled by a parent-teacher conference? Then try to re-work exercise into another day or time…even if it’s only for part of the time. Maybe you’ll have to use your normal “rest” day as an exercise day. It just takes a little effort to keep things moving.

8.) If working out doesn’t get you excited or if you lose your zeal quickly, then I encourage you to join a group exercise class. There are SO many locations that provide these. You don’t have to belong to a gym anymore to take one! Look for churches, schools, and community centers. Accountability is a HUGE part of success (isn’t that true for EVERY area of our lives?) so grab a friend and join a class. You might actually have FUN!!!!!

Tell me! How do you stay motivated to workout through the week?
Pick a tip and implement it and let me know how it helps you this week!