Recipe: Bottom of the {nut butter} Jar Oatmeal

Have you heard of “bottom of the jar” recipes? I first heard about them from Rachael Ray. You can find quite a few recipes out there to make use of those little remnants left in the bottom of your jars! You all know that I love my nut butters–but the thing about nut butter (especially almond) is that it isn’t the cheapest thing out there! I want to get every last drop out of that jar, so one  morning I came up with this recipe!

Obviously this is only a one use type of thing, so first come, first serve with that nut butter jar. Hurry–go grab it before someone else does!

You can play around with the ingredients in here. There’s no right or wrong, so have fun with it!

Bottom of the {nut} butter Jar Oatmeal


– Nearly empty {nut butter} jar

– Oatmeal

– Almond Milk (or milk of choice)

– Chopped Apple (or fruit of choice)

– Cinnamon

Make oatmeal per package instructions. After it’s cooked and still warm, spoon into your nut butter jar. Add your chopped apples, almond milk and cinnamon to the increments you like! Stir all together, scraping the sides and crevices of the nut butter jar and EAT!


There are lots of other “bottom of the jar” recipes out there. What are some that you use?


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    I wonder how that would do for overnight oats? I bet it would work just fine, especially with an extra little drop of but butter on in the morning or a teaspoon or two of jam or with a frozen berry or two or….This has such potential. Love nut butter so much! Thanks!


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