The day after a long holiday weekend. Many of you are feeling bloated, lethargic, and maybe a little guilty. “It’s time to get back on the wagon”, you say to yourself as you drink nothing but water this morning, plan for a salad at lunch, a banana for snack, and a sensible dinner followed by binging on the leftover potato salad, chips, and strawberry pie at 9pm.

Ok- so maybe that’s not accurate for you, but I know I’ve found myself in this position many times in the past. The guilt cycle continues and it gets me nowhere.

Why don’t we try something different? Right now, thank God for the abundance of delicious food and fellowship you had this weekend. Thank Him for your freedom, and for those who serve and have served us! Now, thank Him for the ability to make good choices and ask Him for His for help!

Expect your taste buds to be a little off-key, but release the pressure! Call it what it is–a weekend of good food and fun, and get back to the previously scheduled program. Drink your water, move your body, put foods that will make you feel good long-term in your body. Expect a little resistance since you are doing some re-training. That’s ok!

Remember–food is purely information to your body. It is not emotional. WE put the emotional attachment to it! Our bodies will respond to what you give it! You aren’t alone so join the crowd and let’s get back on it!

p.s. I’ll be writing about the results of the survey and a bit on my vacation later this week!

What to do on the day after a long weekend :