I catch myself saying this phrase a lot lately, to myself and others…”You won’t always hit it out of the park.”

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What do I mean? You aren’t going to always be perfect. You aren’t going to always make the best choices. You aren’t going to have everything lined up at all moments of the day and days of the week.There will be certain phases of life that lend itself to this more than others. There will be times when you have access to better resources than others. But rarely are we 100% with it. But do the best you can.

And guess what? You don’t always have to hit it out of the park. Pardon the baseball analogy, but it takes singles, doubles, sometimes triples, and home runs to compose a baseball game.

If we look at life as a 9 inning baseball game, it isn’t home runs that win it. It’s the consistency in the small at-bats with a few perfectly situated home runs! (Fun fact: Around 11% of hits are actually home runs in a season!)

But even better–many singles can add up to scoring a run. A lot of little things can add up to the big success.

So how does this apply to our health?

1.) When you can hit it out of the park, do it.

When you are home with a full kitchen available and can make your food, do it.

When you have an extra 5 minutes to pack healthy snacks, do it.

When you have the time and energy for a high intense workout, go for it.

Simply, when you can, do.

2.) Don’t get hung up when you only hit a single or double.

Don’t beat yourself up when what you do isn’t 100%. For example, I am usually running out of the house every Wednesday morning in a hurry to volunteer at my son’s school. I can’t eat my normal breakfast so I put something together that looks like this.

It isn’t bad, but it isn’t the best. That’s ok though. A hit to first base will move me along in my journey to second and so forth.

3.) When you strike out, remember that there’s always another at-bat coming.

Let’s face it. Some days are just terrible. You missed the ball not once but three times and you are sitting back in the dark, dingy dugout. Remember that there is another at-bat coming. Brush yourself off, refocus, and make your next at-bat count. You can’t win every at-bat, and you can’t win every game. Each season of life will bring us different problems. Stick with it. Consistency wins.


Here are a few things to consider…

– Do you have a tendency to give up if you can’t hit a home run?

– What can you do today to change this mentality?

– How can you set yourself up to hit more consistent home runs?

– Does this apply to any other area of life than health for you?

I’d love to get your feedback! Please comment below!