I feel like I’m a little behind the ball on this post as many people write posts like this up before December 31st, but I think we can all agree that I’m not one to do things as recommended.  Ha!

I wanted to share with you some things that rocked my world in 2014! These span multiple categories so hopefully you’ll find something you can use or be inspired by in 2015!

1) A new haircut!

I’ve had long(er) locks for about 8 years and promised that I would never cut my hair short again. In March, I took a leap and made a small cut, then again in July, an even bigger one. (One that I wasn’t planning on, but you know how things go once you are in a salon chair!) I’m in the process of growing it back out a bit again but the change in looks was super fun!


The initial cut in March.


After a few cuts, in September! (Photo by Grace Designs Photography!)

2.) Dollar Shave Club

I hate buying razors. I mean, how much money do you really want to put in something used to remove hair?! I tried the coupon route, the cheap razor route, the “let’s see how long we can make this cartridge work” route and none of them worked that well. I had seen the Dollar Shave Club ads on Facebook for a while but it wasn’t until my friend signed up that I actually considered it. After her approval, I thought I’d give it a shot and I’m happy to say, we have a victory! We use the middle $6 a month package and purchased an extra handle so my hubby and I are able to share the 4 razor cartridge for the month! I love that it’s an auto-ship and I don’t have to think about it! You can find more info here!

Dollar Shave Club

3.) The Voxer App

This should be #1 on my list because I love this FREE app! As a matter of fact, if you don’t have the app and you are a real-life friend, I probably don’t talk to you that much! Ha! It has replaced phone calls (not that I had many of those anyway) and texting! It’s sort of like the best combination of walkie talkie, phone calls, and texting—all in one! You can group voxer (which is a ton of fun) or just do it with one person. I love that I can actually hear my friend’s voices, but that it gives me the flexibility to communicate when I have the chance to. (doing dishes, changing laundry, in the car) Where my voxer girls at?!

Voxer App

4.) Essential Oils

I had heard about essentials oils over the past 2 years but didn’t really take the time to look into them. I wasn’t interested in another “business” to purchase from, or to be tracked down to sell from, yet the idea of a more holistic, natural approach to my family’s health, household, and more, was something that kept resonating in the back of my head. This summer, my friend (and photographer!) purchased them and after hearing her talk about them, I decided to take the plunge. I fully expected them not to work and put them to use for the whole month of September. I consider myself a huge skeptic, (if you think can get something past me, I’ll find another loophole you missed!) but found that they really were a lot of what they were cracked up to be!

Of course, I don’t think they always take the place of over-the-counter meds nor do they solve all the world’s problems, but we’ve found them to be very helpful in our family!  (Cards on the table–I am a distributor and people can purchase them off of me. I’ve had them for almost 5 months now and the only place I’ve mentioned them is on instagram. I don’t plan on sharing a lot on my blog about them, but you will see some things here and there about them in the future!)

Essential Oil Starter Kit : peak313.com

5.) YOU!!!

Yes–this community has rocked my world this year! You have brought out passions from within I didn’t know I had, and helped me to use the gifts God has given me! I am honestly the world’s worst blogger when it comes to tracking numbers. I never log into my google analytics, nor keep a monthly record of how much I’ve grown on different social media platforms, but there’s no doubt God has grown this ministry!  He has given me so many things to pray over and because of that, you’ll be seeing some big changes to the blog this year! (As you can see in the new headshot above!) I’m in the process of re-branding and can’t wait to share with you some of the things I am planning for! Truthfully, it scares me to death, but if I know anything about God, it’s that He doesn’t keep us where we are comfortable and that He alone can sustain us through the fear! So thank you for being you and coming back day after day!! Stay tuned!!

What ROCKED my world in 2014! : peak313.com

So now it’s your turn. What rocked your 2014? I’m always looking for new products, services, tips and more! Share below!