I considered not even writing a post about tips for Thanksgiving. After all, it comes just once a year, right? Who wants to have restraint on a day when the food is bountiful and delicious?! However, there are some of you who want all the tips you can get and so for you, I write this post!

Turkey Day (or any holiday) tips:

Be determined to keep your workouts on schedule this week. (probably a little too late!) If you normally have Thursday a day at the gym, then try and reschedule it if you have another open slot in the week.

Portion your food on a plate and walk away from the table! Sit down to eat it. No grazing!

Eat foods you only LOVE! Why waste calories on so-so items?

Drink water!! I have a water bottle in the morning, and then keep one filled with me all day.

Keep perspective. There will always be another “pumpkin pie” (seasonal item) around the corner. Christmas it’s peppermint mochas. March it’s Shamrock shakes. Summer it’s ice cream. Thanksgiving it’s pumpkin pie. There is nothing WRONG with partaking in these foods, just remember that you don’t need to gorge on them. Don’t worry. Something will take it’s place in a few weeks. We can’t live our life moving from one obsession to the next.

♦ Eat your protein and veggies first! I am a carb lover at Thanksgiving. I could eat rolls and mashed potatoes all day. However, focus on the protein first, then your (non saucy) veggies and then your carbs.

♦ Think twice. Ask yourself, do I REALLY need this 3rd piece of dessert? Your body doesn’t know it’s Thanksgiving day. It won’t give you a “get out of calorie free day”. You will have to reap what you sow!

Remember YOUR health goals. You are going to be surrounded by people who either a.) Don’t care about their health and will pay no attention to what’s going in their mouths or b.) Are able to eat because their lives are lived in moderation. You can’t use them as your guideline. Don’t look to the left or to the right. Focus straight ahead and remember what you’ve been working so hard on over the past few months.

♦ Get back on it. When all else fails, wake up the next day and resume normal activity and eating habits! Friday or Saturday, get out to the gym. Go for a walk or run. Turn on the wii and do a fitness game. Remember, objects in motion stay in motion. Do not let more than 2-3 days go between a workout.


Check out this video. Our church played it on Sunday and it’s worth a watch. Have a wonderful Turkey Day with your family and friends!

(Click here if you can’t see video)