Over 150 and you checked in from last week! Woo hoo! So proud of you and I hope that this week has been just as good for you all! Before we get to the check-in, I want to let you know about 2 things!

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So now, back to our check-in!

The Word and Work-Out: 4 week accountability (Week 2 Check-in) : peak313.com

When I asked you what stuck out in your time with God this week, some of your comments just touched my heart so much! You all blessed me! I hope this week brought just as much insight to you as last week did. The scriptures this week were focused around the crucifixion. Each day brought such insight and gratefulness about what Jesus did on the cross for me! The memory verse for this week 2 was:

MemoryVerse-02 Why Easter MattersHow are your workouts going? Do you have any questions about it? Put them in the check-in below and I’ll do my best at answering them! Half-way through–2 more weeks! You’ve got this! (If you can’t see the check-in below, click here)