Oh ladies. Tis the season for rainy days, March Madness and SHAMROCK SHAKES!!!

Now I know some of you will want to shoot me for this post. Of course you can totally stop reading now if you don’t want the image you have of the Shamrock Shake tarnished. But I wanted to provide some food for thought and the actual nutritional facts of the Shamrock Shake! (You can read about the history of the shake here)

You might ask why I’m posting this info, but I like knowing what I put in my body. I realize that ignorance is bliss sometimes but I really wanted to know WHAT is in that Shamrock Shake!!!

Here are the nutritional facts from the 12 oz size of the shake. (small) You can also get a medium or large but I won’t post those. 🙂

(information found on www.mcdonalds.com)

I’d like to make a larger point while I’m at it. There will ALWAYS be something in season that we can only get that season (or will be “in  your face”)

♦ Ice cream in the summer

♦ Pumpkin bread in the fall

♦ Eggnog shakes at Christmas

♦ Shamrock Shakes in the spring

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in these treats during those seasons, but be careful not to indulge JUST BECAUSE.

Example: Oh look. There’s a McDonalds. It’s 2:00pm and I could really use a snack. Might as well stop and get a shake! (All while there is an empty McD cup in the holder from yesterday’s 2:00pm shamrock snack)

There will always be something else that comes up right behind it that will take the “Treat of the Moment” ‘s place.  If you are trying to lose weight, they can ruin your attempts at weight loss.

♦ Be aware of it

♦ Plan your treat

♦ Share your treat

♦ ENJOY it while partaking!

………….We sure did!!