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Today is a very exciting day because it’s Peak313’s very first GIVEAWAY!!!

I also get a chance to review a book that JUST hit the New York Times Best-Seller list that essentially sums up everything I believe about your physical health and the role it plays into your spiritual life. I have a back-log of blogs I have written and there is something from each chapter of this book that is in my blogs. If I ever thought I needed to write a book about fitness, spiritually and physically, then the need is no longer there. It’s already done!

Many of you know Candace Cameron Bure from her days on the hit show Full House. But since those days, she has lead quite a fulfilling life. She has gotten married, had 3 children and has maintained a very successful career! (You can find her on ABC Family’s show, Make it or Break it) Candace is also very outspoken about her faith and the role it has played in her life and the many decisions she makes. Her physical life is no different. In Reshaping It All she discusses her journey in reshaping her physical life by reshaping her spiritual life.

What I love about this book is that Candace isn’t just offering a quick fix to your health struggles. She presents something much deeper and something that takes much time and healing.  She states “We’ll also understand why the transforming of our bodies must begin by the renewing of our minds. Our bodies aren’t making these detrimental choices for us; they are simply animated by a mind that needs a mental makeover.”

Off of that premise, she presents excellent points throughout the book. Many great recipes, tips, scriptures and questions (with answers!) are packed in the book. Here are some of my favorite parts of the book!

♦ Her view on teaching her children about true health: “Remember how I said Dad was into cardboard-tasting yet healthy food while Mom was sneaking doughnuts and ice cream our way? I believe that’s why I struggled with weight. I wasn’t trained to understand the importance of balance, nor was I strong enough to make healthy choices. “ pg. 216

♦ Her view on really what bothers us about weight loss: “Losing weight is great, but the truth is that our pant size isn’t what bugs us the most, is it? It’s our failure to control our appetite time and time again. It’s the overwhelming feelings that we’re in bondage to food.” pg 208

♦ Her view on cleaning house: “My house was swept clean, but there was still plenty of dirty hiding under the rug. ..My body is a temple to be used by Him and for Him. He desires that we week a spiritual transformation, not merely a moral one.” pg.182-183

♦ Her view on clothes you’ve grown out of: “Don’t hang on to large sizes because it only gives you an excuse to put the lost weight back on.” pg. 176

♦ Her view on practically eating healthy:Piggybacking one new habit with a regular routine is a great way to introduce a new change.” pg. 127.

Guess what? I have Peak313’s first CHALLENGE coming in the month of April regarding this very point. Stay tuned!!

♦ Her view on Self-Discipline: “We as believers follow the Spirit of truth, and we do our best to stick to that truth as we yield to God’s plan for our life.The world sees it another way; the body’s in charge, and if the heart longs to overindulge in food or narcotics, it does. “pg.95

Now onto the fun part for YOU, the reader! You get a chance to win 1 of 3 copies! In order to qualify, leave a comment in the section below. I’ll pick 3 winners on Friday, March 4th, so be sure to put your entries in by Thursday, March 3rd at 9:00pm (EST).

Also, be sure to visit the co-author of Reshaping It All, Darlene Schacht, at her blog http://www.timewarpwife.com. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Darlene over the past 7 months and she is a treat inside and out!