I found this recipe a couple years ago and it’s definitely one of my quick, “go-to” snacks when I want something crunchy, yet sweet! I love making this when we have people over. I even did it one night when my hubby had guys over for a game. Yes–they loved it!

There are so many variations you can have with this and I almost always have these ingredients on hand! When you are dying for your sweet fix at night, try to whip this up instead!

Apple Nachos: www.claresmith.me

Apple Nachos


♦ 1-4 apples (depending on how many will be eating)

♦ Toppings: (have fun with these!)

– shredded coconut

– chocolate chips

– peanut butter (almond butter etc)

– sliced almonds

– pecans

– anything else!

Thinly slice your apple. (I use a mandoline) Arrange on a large plate. Top with your favorite goodies! (When I use peanut butter or any nut butter, I warm it up a bit and put it in a small baggie, cut the tip and drizzle. You can do the same with chocolate) Place in the fridge if you have added anything warm so that it hardens a bit. Take out and eat like a nacho after 5 minutes or so!