I hope you’ve been able to catch all of the keynote addresses from the Women Living Well conference! We had the conference in August in front of 250 people, but my friend Courtney intentionally had them taped and edited so that those of you who couldn’t come were able to view them!

This week is my keynote on health–and joining me on the couch afterwards for a “real life” discussion is Karen Ehman, Janelle Nehrenz, and of course, Courtney Joseph!

"Women Living Well" Webcast : Health | peak313.com | womenlivingwell.tv

I promise you–you will walk away breathing a sigh of relief after this. My intent was not to overwhelm you with tons of facts and things to do to get healthier, but instead to pursue the heart of Christ to find the REAL rest and refreshment in your health.

Also–don’t forget! If you are on facebook, join us an hour beforehand (9pm EST) on my page for a PAR-TAY!! I will have some fantastic giveaways along with some fun questions for all of us to discuss!

Thank you to those who made the FB party fun!

Michelle Myers/Cross Training Couture (“Modest is Hottest” workout tank)

Noonday Collection (2 $25 gift certificates to Noonday)

Women LivingWell (3 Copies of “Women Living Well” book!)

Candace Cameron Bure (3 signed copies of “Reshaping It All”)

and for the BIGGIE prize, thanks to Art Bookbindery! (2 $75 gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card

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If you are getting this post on Friday, be sure to stop by www.womenlivingwell.tv to get the webcast as it airs for 24 hours! It will be taken down Friday night at 10pm est, but all of the webcasts will be available for free in the new year!

See you tonight (Thursday, October 24th) at 9pm est for the facebook party and/or 10pm est for the webcast!