Well hello! It’s been a while since I’ve actually put up a blog post here. The holidays were a nice and busy time for my family and I hope they were for you, too!


I want to touch on a few things with this post. (If you follow me on Facebook or instagram you may have seen some of these thoughts!)

First off, I was blessed to share briefly a couple Sundays ago at our church how God meshed together a passion of mine, my personality, unique resources, and a season of life to bring glory to Him and encourage the body of believers in the area of Health stewardship or as I like to call it- inside out training-on this thing called the Internet.

Thankful for my pastor who not only recognizes and supports my ministry but encourages me to move forth in confidence using the time, talent, and treasure God has given me.. “For such a time as this”.

If there’s one thing I want to always get across it’s this: Church- your spiritual gift is needed. Your unique skill, personality quirk, and passion– it all rolls together in a beautiful tapestry that presents Jesus to a desperate world. Be bold! Be you!


I was also able to touch on resolutions a bit and my advice for everyone out there and it can be summed up on my post below. I hate to say it but many of you are going wrong because we are starting with our behaviors and not with our hearts…

Your Health- God's Tool For Sanctification

For us as Christians, it is about surrender, stewardship, and an understanding that it can be aspiritual battle! And then once we have our hearts in the right place, I see many of us going about it the wrong way which brings me to my other tip..win small! Here’s what I want to say to all you overachievers out there:

Win Small with Resolutions

I know that all of this sounds easy in theory but actually implementing it into a daily routine can be so hard to do. You’ve tried it before and failed so maybe it’s time to reach out! If you are having problems figuring out exactly how you should go about your health goals, then maybe it’s time to talk it out with someone. Not sure who?! Glad you asked! I would love to help! You guys really amped it up this month because I have been SO BUSY with coaching calls these past 2 weeks! Each of you are so unique with different resources, seasons of life, and struggles. I love being able to help you find some clarity! (I also have had some conversations about how to start a blog or fitness ministry! I love those, too!)

If you have interest in coaching calls with me, shoot me an email and we will get it started! clare@claresmith.me


I say it every year but I truly mean it–I am so very thankful for each and every one of you! God has brought you to my table and I intend to feed you well so that you are nourished and strong when you walk away! Thank you for being here and I so look forward to 2016!