This is a quote that I read a couple years ago from Elisabeth Elliot’s book, “Discipline, The Glad Surrender.” It shook me up because it was so profound. God has my heart, but I can’t say that He always has my body. I see 3 main areas where this applies:

Our health: Am I holding onto my own cravings, entitlements, and how He may have me move my body? Am I steward my health well?

Our service: Am I obedient when He calls me to physically serve my neighbors, church, and family. Is He calling me to GO somewhere with the feet and arms He’s given me?

Our sexuality: Am I honoring Him in how I use my body sexually as a married person? How about as a single?

Here’s the neat thing about all 3 of these areas. Do you know where change and motivation for all these start? Our hearts! So If God truly has 100% of your heart, it should be a natural overflow that He has your body! If you are struggling with any of these areas, then ask God to change your heart! To reveal sin in your life, and then to equip you as you pursue holiness in those areas!

Our bodies were purchased at an expensive price–the death of our perfect Savior! (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) It’s not our choice whether we allow God full access of them or not! Full surrender–mind, body, and soul….that’s the goal we press on towards!

(Some of you have asked for it to be in a blog post so that you can pin it on pinterest or reference it easier, so here it is!)


We cannot give our hearts to God and keep our bodies for ourselves.. - Elisabeth Elliot