I’ve done this exercise for years in my classes. It’s a great toner for the standing leg, core and hips! It will also work your balance which is very important.


How To:

1.) Stand at about 7 o’clock with a big aerobics ball on the floor beside you. (Feel free to put weights around the ball to anchor it)

2.) Start by circling the leg in a big circle around the ball. Lead with the heel and don’t hit the ball. When you get back to starting position, repeat the circle.

3.) Keep the hips steady and don’t wobble around!

4.) Do all reps on one side, then REVERSE the circle. You’ll find one side will be harder than the other!

5.) Once you’ve circled both ways, walk to the other side of the ball and repeat!!

6.) Do 8 circles one way, then 8 in reverse. Walk to the other side and repeat. Do 2 sets.

Finishing the circle.

View from behind


Make it harder 2 ways:

– Hold a light set of weights and extend arms (shown below)

– Hold hands out to the side OR hold hands above head (without weights)