This is TOUGH! Your abs and upper body will feel it sisters. I’m telling you, these gliding discs are such a great investment! (You can do this move alongside “Sliding W’s“!)

Remember, if you don’t own these discs, then you can use paper plates!


(Instruction below picture)

Get on your knees and put your hands on top of each gliding disc with arms directly below shoulders (Not Shown) Extend (slide) one arm in front of you. Keep the other arm close to your body as if you have an envelope in that armpit. The non-moving arm’s elbow will go directly behind you as opposed to winging out to the side.

Exhale as you slide the extended arm back to starting position. Really press the hand firmly into the ground as you move back up. Do the other arm. Repeat, alternating arms.

*Do not let the lower back arch up or dip down. Keep a neutral alignment in the hips even if that means you can only extend the arm out a little bit. Don’t hold your breathe…you’ll want to. Breathe in and out instead!

Do 2 sets of 6-8 slide outs (Each arm!)

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