I used to do this move all the time about 6 years ago and it zapped my legs and abs in shape in no time. I forgot about it, but then pulled out my medicine ball the other day and it came back! I am using an 8 pound med ball, but I’d recommend anywhere from 4-6 pounds. If you don’t own a medicine ball, grab one dumbbell and use it!

(Pictures below description)


Grab the ball and stand with one foot against the side of the knee. (To modify, keep the foot on the floor beside the ankle) Keep the chest lifted and the abs strong!

Here’s the tricky part. Move the ball down towards your ankle while standing on one leg. It’s like you are making a half of a circle. As you move your arms down towards the ground, the standing leg will bend into a small squat. The non standing leg kicks back.

New Move Monday: Half-Circle w Medicine Ball : peak313.com

Stop once you get to the position below. Press firmly into the standing leg and and then reverse the half-circle back to the starting position. Really press into the leg that’s holding you. Use your abs to lift you back up. *Try not to leg the non-standing leg touch the ground at any of it!!

Here is the view from the back.

Back leg starts to extend toward the back.

Ending position, then reverse the circle

This should be a nice SMOOTH, controlled motion. It’s hard to really see the move in still pictures, but just think of making a half circle with the arms and the medicine ball.

Do 2-3 sets of 8-10 on EACH leg! (Do 8-10 reps on one leg first, then move to the other leg)