Every once in a while I like to post my real life workout on here. (Here are some here, here, and here!) Many of you ask exactly what I do for my routine so it’s easier for me to lay it out on a post! (Many times I do put it on instagram so you can follow there) My arms are seriously still shaking from this workout and it’s been 6 hours!

I’ve told you before that I split my strength routine by body parts to get a more intense workout in those areas. This is not something I recommend for beginners, or even intermediate folks. (My splits are usually chest/triceps/shoulders, legs/abs, back/biceps, and then one full body day) Please remember that I’ve been at this a long time and I also do this “for fun” (haha) so I may workout totally different than what is doable for you. I also love going to a gym and to have the variety of equipment to use. Some exercises I do may not be conducive to a home or group exercise setting.

Today, I focused on chest/triceps/shoulders. I use weights between 10 and 25 pounds depending on the sets and exercise. I do the burpees in between to keep my heart rate up and help burn more calories during and after the workout.

Remember–you don’t have to workout like this! Do what you can with your phase of life and interests!

(Most exercises you can google for info, but feel free to ask if it doesn’t come up!)


UPDATE: After I posted this on facebook last night, I had a few thoughts. I’d like to share them here, too!