I got an iPhone about 3 months ago. Not sure how I managed to wait this long! It does things for me that I didn’t even know I needed done!

So I thought I’d share with you my 3 favorite fitness apps. I know there are a ton out there and there will always be more coming out, but let’s start here! (These are all available for both iphone and droid and did I mention…free?!)

1.) Songza

I love this app because it gives me a ton of music–sorted by moods, genre or anything else you can imagine—in playlists. I listen to this at home while cooking, cleaning or reading my Bible. I’ve recently started listening to it while running and it’s a nice change to my usual playlist. Here are some of my favorites. (I really like the 90’s music if you can’t tell! Haha!)

2.) Nike +Running

This should come as no surprise to you as a lot of folks seem to have this (and if you have a Facebook account, you know this is true!) I love that it tracks my distance and pace, keeps a history of runs and tells me (out loud) how far I’ve gone while running! And as an added bonus, you can turn on facebook interaction and as people “like” or comment on your Nike+ status, you get a cheer in your earbuds. Holla!

3.) Nike Training Club

So this gets the gold star of the year. As a matter of fact, if I ever created an app, it would look awfully close to this one! 

Start off by choosing which type of goal/workout you want or have.

Now you can choose from a few workout sets (and times!). Gives you great variety!

Read through each exercise (even view a video demo!), select your music and go! You can even work for rewards!


So now it’s your turn! What are your favorite fitness/exercise/healthy eating apps??!?!