Today I’m guest posting over at the Good Morning Girls website. They just started a new study called, “Intentionally Focused”, and over the next 3 months, we’ll be reviewing how we can be intentional in many areas of our lives and you guessed it–health is one of those! My dear friend, Angela, who leads up that ministry, asked me to post today about how we can be intentionally focused in this area as Christians. I have some thoughts as God has been working this very same theme in my life over the past couple of months! Be sure to check out the post and grab the material to do the study! I have been a part of a GMG group for over 4 years and they are a huge part in my daily success with getting in the Word!

Good Morning Girls "Intentionally Focused" :

Also, I wanted to put something up that may be of encouragement to you today. I posted it on facebook, but if you don’t follow me there, you won’t see it! There are days when “real life” happens to me–and actually it probably happens more than you would think! I’ll explain, below!

What To Do When "Plan A" In your Health Gets Changed :

Is there a “perspective change” that God is trying to show you?