As you can imagine with 2 kids, it’s crazy going to the grocery store! I go with my grocery list, coupons and lots of snacks in hand! I move pretty quickly because at any minute, the good behavior could fizzle. (and it usually does, but with my 20 month old, not my 4 year old)

The number one rule that I try and follow that I’ve read from many experts is to shop the perimeter of the store for most of your groceries. There you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, deli, fresh meat, and dairy. I actually take inventory of my cart when I get to the end of the trip just to see how well I did in following that rule. Of course I have to shop the middle of the store to get many other items, but if you spend most of your time in the middle and not on the outside, then you may want to change your route.

Here’s a peek into our grocery store trip!!!

Everyone is so happy! Wonder how long this will last?

Instead of getting a free cookie, I get my kids a free piece of cojack cheese in the deli. They love it!

Well, I spoke too soon.

Hi from Clare, Sam and Lila!!!