I know I said it last week, but wow, I’m really surprised with the number of people joining us for the “Dream it. Do it.” Vision Boards! I am so glad that this is a source of inspiration in your life for 2014, as it is for mine!

Need more info?


Week 1: Health

This week, our focus is our FAITH.  We are going to follow the same format as we did in the first week.

Your 2014 "Dream it. Do it" Vision Board {FAITH} Week 2 : peak313.com

But first, I need you to stop and pray. Pray on your own, or use mine below to guide you.

“Father, our faith is everything to us! At times it causes feelings of frustration and doubt, but other times, we experience the fullness and life that a life fully surrendered to you brings! As we dream about 2014, guide our hearts and our desires. Help us to think MUCH BIGGER than our own lives and the year 2014! Help us to dream big for YOUR kingdom as we are obedient to what you lay on our hearts. In Jesus Name, Amen”

And keep this verse in mind:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

Let’s go!

Slim-down, shape-up, or stay the same:

Time to ask yourself. : Should I slim-down, shape-up, or stay the same? Keep it simple!


– Prayer Life

– Time in God’s Word

– Areas of faith you may need more knowledge in

– Acts of service

– Using your spiritual gifts

– Worship

Now, after you’ve considered yourself, I want you to dream in this area for your family and with your spouse. Where can you all grow together in the area of faith?

Dream It:

Things you may want to post pictures of on your board:

– Words describing what you want your faith to look like this year

– Books you want to read

– Music

– Podcasts/Pastors you want to listen to

– Scriptures you want to memorize

– Organizations where you want to volunteer

– Things for your family to read, memorize, or do

– Mission trip location

– The name of someone God has placed on your heart to pray for

..the list goes on….

Do It: 

(print more cards here!)

Now, out of all those things you just posted up there, pick 1 or 2–no more!! And write down your “do it” plan. Include, what specific action you will take today to make it happen and any deadlines you may need. Also, jot down a person’a name or website you need to reference if you need to make some phone calls.  Now post that “do it” up on the board!


♦ Dream it: Memorize more scripture

Do It: Pick a passage, book, or theme that I want to memorize. Create plan. Create cards that I can take with me.

♦ Dream it: More service as a family/Monthly family service project

Do it: Brainstorm different projects with the family, then choose one per month. Call each organization to see if there is any prep work/paperwork needed.

♦ Dream it: Grow closer spiritually with husband.

Do it: Have a coffee date with him. Brainstorm ways we can do this. Pick one thing we can read/talk about over the next month. Call Sue and get the name of the book she and Mike did.


Did you put anything into practice from your “health” quadrant? Have you at least made a plan for what you want to see happen in your life for your health? It’s great to DREAM for 2014, but let’s make it happen, too! If you are overwhelmed by what you wrote and found you couldn’t implement it, that’s ok! Just pick one small thing and win there!!

Remember, when you get to December 31st, 2014, the goal is to have made some (at least!) advances in the things you post on this board! So what do you want to be saying about your life when you hit New Years Eve, 2014? Make this board work for you!

Have fun with this! If this becomes toilsome or a pain, then STOP! This is meant to inspire you and not be a burden! It should challenge us, but not cause us to crumble! Next week we’ll be diving into the area of our FAITH. I would love to see your vision boards as they are being made. Feel free to post them up on my Facebook wall or on instagram! Use the hashtag #dreamitdoit