Happy Friday!

First off, if Facebook is acting for you anything like it’s acting for me, then you know how fickle it has been lately in regards to what you see on your timeline. There are blogs or companies that I have “liked” that I never see their updates on anymore! There is one easy way to ensure you see them, so I’d like to show you (and if you want to make sure you don’t miss one of my Facebook updates, then you can do it with my page! I post a lot of stuff there that I don’t post anywhere else!)

Once you’ve “liked” a page, you can click “get notifications”. Once you do that, anytime that page posts, you will get a red notification, just like you would get if someone commented on something personally of yours. Make sure there is a checkmark beside “get notifications” and voila! You are done!

How to get notifications on Facebook pages : peak313.com

And now onto what you want to really see–the winners!!

We have 4 winners–2 for the book and 2 for the ebook/kindle version! (I will also email each of you!)

Please send an email to Angela at: lovegodgreatly@gmail.com

Michele Norman (hard copy)

Tina Gray (hard copy)

Jessica Walker Igarashi (ebook)

Sassyley Nichole Cook (ebook)

P.S. Be sure to enroll for the next session, and purchase the book! Also, here is video message from Sally and Angela! (Did you check out the 3 translations they have too? Amazing!)