Hi friends! I have been going through the Good Morning Girls study on being intentionally focused and it has been such a blessing to me over the past couple months. This week, the focus has been on our health and Angela graciously had me on to guest post about it! Please be sure to check out the post as I discuss the struggle and stewardship of the Spirit of God in our bodies!

Body Talk: The struggle and stewardship of the Spirit: Guest Post on goodmorninggirls.org (with peak313.com)

Also, those of you who live locally to me (NE Ohio), I’ll be leading a workshop at a wonderful women’s conference and I’d love for you to attend!  Our main speaker is Karen Ehman from Proverbs 31 Ministries, and we have a great list of workshops to attend! (I’ll be talking in detail about finding your health “sweet spot”!) Check out the pamphlet below! (My friends Courtney from Women Living Well , Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen, and Ruth from The Better Mom will also be attending!)

If you come, let me know so we can meet!! (Click here for the pdf for specifics and registration! Location: First Friends Church in Canton, OH)

Workshop Topics:

Clare Smith
TITLE: Finding your Health “Sweet Spot”!
Frustrated in your health journey? Can’t figure out why you don’t have the success and peace about it that you so desperately desire? You aren’t alone and chances are, you are just confused! In this workshop, we will walk through the process of finding out how you can find your “sweet spot” with your health, taking into consideration your season of life, resources, and passions! (There will be an open Q&A time at the end for any other health related questions that you may have!)

Laura Foote
TITLE: Welcome Home Beautiful: Discover Your Unique Decorating StyleThis seminar is designed to inspire women to tap into their own inner beauty and God-given strengths and gifts to create unique and beautiful spaces where they can feel and express love. Learn a few simple creative strategies to decorate and accessorize your home inexpensively and with what you already have.

Laurel Notturno
TITLE: PastAmore!Visit us in sunny Italy and learn the ins and outs of making fresh pasta with Chef Amy! You will learn the history of pasta, receive information about the variety of pasta shapes, and receive recipes for your future creations. Buon Appetito!

Michele Williams
TITLE: Finances, Sex, & MarriageThis seminar will focus on two topics seldom discussed in the Christian world- finances and sex. First, you will learn strategies for you and your husband to become better team mates in the area of finances. Secondly, you will learn ways to build greater sexual intimacy with your husband and, thus, improve you and your husband’s sexual satisfaction

Mandi Johnson
TITLE: Clothing Yourself with Grace
Join me for an encouraging session where we’ll learn practical ways to nurture a Christ-based confidence within ourselves and finally stop saying, “I wish I could pull that off”! You can pull that off, and have lots of fun with your wardrobe! Let’s talk about being kinder to ourselves while enjoying the clothes we put on- and the bodies that go underneath!

Mary Yost
TITLE: Destination: Your Child’s Heart
Hey Moms! Rest easy! Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of your faith…and your child’s faith too! Let Him take care of their heart transformation while we tend to nurturing them in His Name. Come glean (and share!) some helpful resources and out-of-the-box ideas that are designed to build relationship with your child and to create an atmosphere where hearts are open to Jesus.

First Friends Women Conference Pamphlet