Today’s post is coming to you during a layover from the Charlotte airport! LOL! I am traveling to Savannah, GA for the weekend for a friend’s wedding! (My sister is a flight attendant so this wouldn’t be possible without her perks!)

Rock it: Things you can wear, stuff with hair, fashion etc

Work it: Things you can cook, create, make or do!!

Love it: Articles, blogs, music etc that I love!


Rock it.

I got a new pair of shoes for the trip. (My shoe collection is less than desirable lately. Ha!) They are snazzy, practical and cute!!! (These are gold, now I’d like a silver pair! The picture doesn’t show the great *sparkle* of the shoe. Boo.) And guess where I got them? Good, ole, SEARS!!

Work it.

I have a lot of jewelry, and thankfully, my handy husband made me a huge jewelry cabinet. (Mind you, the jewelry is all considered “cheap” with the exception of about 3 pieces!) But this is sooo cute!! I might have to make a “drawer pulls jewelry holder” anyway!

Source: via Clare on Pinterest

Love it.

I used to use to edit most of my pictures, but it’s shutting down soon. So now, I’m using PicMonkey and LOVE it so far!! I edited the pictures in this post with it! Try it out. You’ll have fun with it!

Here’s an extra “love”—my 2 kiddos at Easter!