It’s time for another installment of Rock it. Work it. Love it. Fridays!!

Rock it: Things you can wear, stuff with hair, fashion etc

Work it: Things you can cook, create, make or do!!

Love it: Articles, blogs, music etc that I love!


Rock it.

I am a sucker for cute workout clothes which is probably why I hit Lululemon’s website weekly! Unfortunately, the prices are a BIT too high for me, but I can dream can’t I? Here are some things I found this week that I love! (Click on picture to take you to website)

I dig these colors, the style and the longer back of this skirt!

My best friend (and running partner) is tall and has problems with tanks being long enough when she exercises. Here is a great EXTRA LONG tank for those of you who might need it (or don’t want to risk showing any belly!)

Work it.

Easter is around the corner and this cute floral arrangement  has been making it’s way around Pinterest! Isn’t it adorable? I think I may not wait until Easter to do it!!

Love it.

MOPS! A few weeks ago I had a chance to speak to our local MOPS group about healthy living. Even though I don’t attend the MOPS meetings, I am currently a MOP–(Mother of Preschoolers!) so I am 110% in the same stage of life that these ladies are! A few of you asked me to share what I talked about so here’s a very high level outline of what I talked about!

We almost forgot to take a picture so here are some who attended who hadn’t left yet!

WHY Healthy Living?

Emotional: Healthy living gives us clarity of mind. It helps us fight depression. We just *feel* better!

Physical: Beyond feeling and looking good in your favorite pair of jeans, it also gives us more energy, a better quality of life and keeps all the biochemical things in check (blood pressure, cholesterol etc)

Spiritual: God tells us that it is of value in our lives! We also use the same techniques/qualities to keep pressing on in our physical lives that we do in our spiritual lives.


Pray. Ask God to help you in making the right decisions for you and your family!

Plan. Don’t try to go after this without thought. Get some resources, write down your plan and keep yourself accountable.

Press On. Keep going! You WILL fall off! You WILL want to go another path! Get back on the train when you fall off!


Eat Clean. Get rid of processed foods, white sugar, and foods with lots of ingredients. This is a simple way to eat better.

Eat FOR your body. Instead of thinking “I can’t eat this”, ask yourself, how can I help my body? This will change

Drink lots of water. “nuff said.

Avoid eating off your kid’s plates and making 2 separate meals for your children and you.

Final Words:

Your healthy life will look different than your friend’s.

Remember there are seasons of life when these things will work better for you than others.

You are leaving a legacy and setting an example for your children. Let that be a motivator!

Look for a local MOPS group and be encouraged!!