It’s June and that means it’s VACATION season!!! I get a lot of questions about exercising and travel so I thought I’d write a blog post about it.

I actually LOVE exercising while traveling. My husband and I went on a cruise a few years ago and it was so awesome to do my workouts overlooking the gorgeous ocean. I love trying out every hotel’s exercise room. (a major priority when choosing one!) And being able to lace up some shoes and hit the road to view the city we are in ROCKS!

Here are my tips for keeping in shape while on vacation or traveling. Do you have any tips? Please share!!


1.) Pack snacks for the road. This will help keep you from partaking in junk on the way. Cut up cheese, veggies and crackers. Or try this snack mix here.

2.) Keep moving. Don’t totally diss your workouts. There is quite a bit you can do (depending where you are and what you have available) to exercise. Try something new if you have the chance. If you are at a hotel, use their equipment. If you are at a resort, see if they offer any exercise classes. My husband and I went away on a little trip last summer and found a visitor pass for a local upscale exercise facility. (see photo below!) We got in for free and had a blast! This may be a great time to try something different!

3.) Pack an exercise band. Weights and a medicine ball are awfully heavy to load up. An exercise band is not. You can do quite a few moves with an exercise band, so pack it away and pull it out upon arrival.

4.) Incorporate your family. If you have children old enough to run with you, lace up your shoes and check out the city! Get in the pool with the kids and tread the water or do jumping jacks!

5.) Try not to go too extreme. While this is a time for you to sit back and relax and ‘let loose’ a bit from the norms of life, be mindful of what you are doing. i.e. 3 ice creams a day. a half a bag of doritos inhaled by the pool etc. Enjoy yourself, but remember that you will have to work hard to make that up (especially if you don’t keep exercising) when you get home. You may take a vacation, but CALORIES DON’T!

6.) Going out to eat? Order off the kid’s menu or order off the a la carte menu! Go ahead and have an indulgent meal one night, but keep the other nights at the restaurant in check.

7.) Exercise early. Chances are, you will have your kids with you on vacation. 🙂 When they wake up, the day will roll by QUICKLY. Take this opportunity to set the alarm–yes..set the alarm and go exercise. Then give yourself permission to take a nap poolside or with your kiddies later that day. You will be so thankful you got the jump start on the day and your workout in.

8.) Invite others! Vacationing with another family? With your parents? Invite one (or more!) to come along with you. Take this chance to exercise with your husband if you have someone to watch your kids. Take the lead on being healthy! Surely, others will follow and thank you for it later!

9.) Modify and Enjoy! Keep a good balance. It is vacation after all, and it’s a chance to get away from the “norm”. Maybe you usually exercise 5 days a week–just do 3 or 4 days.  If you normally don’t eat “junk”, allow yourself to enjoy some with everyone.

10.) And if all else fails….get back on the wagon as soon as you get home!!!!!