PEACHES! What a delightful fruit! I have really been enjoying them lately so when my running partner and friend, Leslie, told me she was adding them to her daily strawberry smoothie, I was game!  It was delicious and gave it a nice flavor so I thought I’d share the love! (Thanks, Leslie!)

Use a smoothie for a breakfast option (great for you who “hate” breakfast!), a post-workout snack (plain greek yogurt is a great source of protein), or a way to sneak in some healthy stuff to your kids! I whip up a lot of smoothies, particularly when I’m on the go and need to eat!



Creamy Strawberry Peach Smoothie

♦ 4-5 Strawberries (frozen or fresh)

♦ 1 Peach (Sliced, without pit. Keep the skin!)

♦ 1/4 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

♦ 1 Cup Plain Coconut Milk

Add all ingredients and blend in a mixer! REMEMBER: smoothies are VERY forgiving! Play around with the quantities listed above to find which flavor and texture you prefer best! Makes around 8-10 oz I think!? It really depends on the increments you use!

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P.S. I will be taking a bloggy break for the rest of the week. My oldest starts kindergarten on Friday, so I’ll be focusing on him. (So bittersweet!) Also, I have something up my sleeve for you that I am working on, and I hope to announce next week! See you around on facebook and twitter!