I am so excited at the participation this challenge is bringing! I thought I’d answer some common questions I keep seeing and also give you what you can do in preparation for Monday!

"Living and Active" 5-Week Challenge-- Now What? (Answers to your common questions) : peak313.com


Q: I signed up to get your emails. What else do I need to do to participate?

A: Nothing! Just look for each week’s emails and when it’s time to be accountable (either via commenting or linking up your blog) then participate there. You can still participate “silently” without me ever knowing! (The only reason I need names will be if you want a chance to win the prize package!)

Q: I don’t have a blog. Can I still participate?

A: YES! If you want to check in with us, you can do that by commenting below the weekly accountability blog post.

Q: I am pregnant. Can I still participate?

A: YES! First, check with your doctor to see if you have any limits, but you should be able to do most exercises with modifications

Q: I am recovering from an injury or illness. Is this for me?

A: Sure is! We need to learn how to live a LIFE of health admist roadblocks and detours. You can do the exercises at a modified level or dial back and do less time.

Q: Is there a study that goes along with this?

A: No study, per se, but a weekly verse to memorize and a weekly devotional.

Q: I’m scared that I can’t commit for the whole time. Is that ok?

A: YES! As a matter of fact, I expect that many of you will fizzle out once we start because it’s the nature of the beast. DO THE BEST YOU CAN…even if it means not doing the challenge in it’s entirity! You may start out at 4 days a week and realize that it’s not feasible and need to drop to 3. You may be a part of another bible study group and have no time to memorize another scripture. That’s ok. This challenge is built for you and is very flexible. There is no right or wrong!!

Q: I’m not really “religious” or read my Bible much. Can I still do the physical part?

A: Absolutely! I’d love to have you along with us. We are all at different parts in our lives both physically and spiritually so this is a great time to join a group who is growing together!


Here are some things I want to recommend for you to work in in preparation for Monday!

1.) If you have a friend doing this with you, nail down how you will keep each other accountable.

I’ve seen a lot of you saying that you will be doing this with friends and that is exactly the purpose! Erin, posted on my faceboook wall and said that she started a group in sparkpeople. What a great idea! Start a private facebook group, create one in sparkpeople, start an email group…whatever works for you!

2.) Figure out which days of the week you are going to exercise. (4 is the minimum to be entered for prize!)

Take some time to analyze what works for your schedule. I will be providing a guided workout for you. REMEMBER: You don’t have to do MY WOROUT to be a part of this!

3,) For those doing my workouts…

Purchase 1 or 2 sets of 3-10 pound weights, an exercise band and a big exercise ball. (I plan on adding a jump rope later on in the month so grab one of those too if you are out shopping)

4.) I don’t talk about your diet in this challenge but….

…this plays a HUGE part in your journey. I want you to consider a few ways you can tighten up what you’ve been eating (or not eating!) I’ll be guiding you through some things as the challenge continues.


I want to remind you of one thing…this is YOUR challenge. You can modify it however you need to and still participate. You only need to follow the rules I have (Exercise 4 times/week, Memorize a weekly verse) if you want entered for a chance to win the prize package!!

Do you have any more questions? Please ask below!