Mat Routine

Climb the Rope - Extend both legs into the air while laying on your back. Lift your upper body and reach up as if you are climbing a rope. "Grab it" with the right hand, then the left hand. That is 1 rep. Do 2-3 sets of 8-15.  CHALLENGE: Reach higher and higher as if the rope is being pulled up from the sky. MODIFICATION: Bend legs while reaching right and left Lying Side Lift - Lay on your left...

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Weights-Upper Body

*When choosing a weight for dumbbells, choose something which will be challenging as you are at the end of your repetitions. For many women, 3 or 5 pound weights are a great start. Some may be able to advance to 8 or 10 pounds. Rear Press & Lift -(works rear shoulders and triceps)  Stand with a dumbbell* in each hand. Turn your wrists so they face behind you. Push your arms back...

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Why Peak 313

Wondering where I came up with Peak 313? Glad you asked. I did a brief survey of my aerobics students, asking them some of the phrases I used in classes. You know…to help  me define what I really say. Since “Get your booty down” wouldn’t be an appropriate blog name, I had to go a different route. In my workouts, I’m always telling my students to get themselves up that hill. We do a lot of...

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Clare smiling and welcoming you here

Clare helps women find the clarity and confidence in the front lines of their life. For the women who are tired. Worn down. There is more for you in life. Whether you are finding blocks in motherhood, work, relationships, or faith – you will find renewed clarity and confidence to move forward.



Take it Back {Plus} Challenge
Your Season of Life May Have Changed but God’s Purpose For You Has Not! (Video)
“Take It Back” Challenge: Week 3 Purpose, Mission & Calling