The Word & Work-Out: 4 week accountability ( “Why Easter Matters”)

My relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is of utmost of importance, and following His Word and His commands are what I seek to do every day. It’s from here that the rest of my day flows. If my foundation is unstable and insecure, so is everything else. Think of it like a tree–a firm foundation, with roots deep, will grow limbs that are nourished and producing fruit. The limbs are the areas of my life: my marriage, my children, my health, my ministry, my friendships–and so on.

I have gotten a couple emails over the past weeks from readers asking how they can know more about my faith, OR asking how they can become more sure in the faith that they hold. Oh this warms my heart more than any weight loss success story out there! I want to help you in this area and it’s because of this that I’m inviting you to join me.

Sunday, March 30th, the Good Morning Girls new study, “Why Easter Matters” starts up. If you are familiar with the Good Morning Girls, then you have probably been waiting over these past couple weeks for it to start back up, but if you aren’t familiar with them, let me quickly explain to you what they are.



The GMG’s are a FREE online community that provides FREE material for you to dig further into God’s Word! The key to all of this is accountability and community, so you don’t go at this alone. We encourage you to find a group of friends (or maybe just one friend) to do this study along with you. Check in via email (or text, or FB group or whatever!) every day after you get done with your reading and prayer time. The accountability this provides is AMAZING and it is crucial to my own personal spiritual growth. I email my GMG group every morning and have been doing this for about 4 years. Am I perfect? No. Just last week I missed a day. And the week before 2 days. There are some weeks when I’m WAY off base, but others when I’m on point. If left alone, I will drift, and satan will try and distract me from the importance of my time with God. It’s why we need each other.

So here’s what we are going to do with our Peak313 community. Easter is my absolute favorite “holiday” and I want each of you to experience the joy and freedom I have in my own life, which comes only from walking in step with Him and what better time to dig into our faith than now?! Every Friday through these 4 weeks, I will be posting on here AND will be having a check-in. Unlike many of my other challenges (like the “Living and Active” one), there will be no weekly exercises or grand prizes,  but I am going to provide the check-in for those of you because it may help you stay on track. (Sometimes we need a little push to keep in line!) Some of you may need a little help and accountability with your workouts right now, so I will combine that aspect in this too.  There will be a spot to check if  you have worked-out (to whatever your goals are) for the week.

So it’s simply: The Word and Work-Out for the check-in. Easy, right?

The Word & Work-Out: A 4 week Accountability Group (using "Why Easter Matters" from held on

So make sure that you subscribe to their site to get the materials (which will be sent to you in an email, or will be in  your reader). You may not choose to S.O.A.P, or do the prayer journals, or memorize the verses, but I ask that you pray about these things and if anything, do the daily Bible readings. Also, take a chance to look over your schedule for the next 4 weeks and create a REASONABLE work-out plan for yourself. Both of these disciplines: time in the Word of God and exercise, take planning. Believe me–you will not just “find time” for either!

I know this is getting published to you right as the study is starting but the beauty of this is you don’t need a lot of prep time! You can start tonight or tomorrow with the readings and your exercise routine. Grab a friend if you can find one and if not, that’s ok! Use our Friday check-in as that accountability!

Can you do 4 weeks with me? I bet you can! Leave a comment below to let me know if you are in! I’ll be praying for you this week!


  1. Lori Tovar says

    Thank you so much for offering this!!!!! I am in desperate need for accountability in the area of my workouts and healthy eating. Count me in!

  2. Katie says

    I’m in ! I’m super excited for the GMG study but working out/healthy eating is an area I’m struggling in ! I am 29 weeks pregnant and it’s been too easy to slack off in both areas ! I want to be healthy spiritually and physically because now it is more important than ever !

  3. DIANA says

    Count me in, I really need this, because I am planning a trip to Florida, to visit my husband’s family for Easter and could use the encouragement to be a positive witness to people that criticize my faith, and we all like to be in better health before going to the beach, right?

  4. Cathie says

    I am in Clare!! So happy you posted this. Praying for a partner to do this study with. If not, I will post every Friday! God bless!!

  5. shannon says

    I am in…need accountability in both areas.
    I have been going to the gym at least 5 days a week for 3 months. I am stoked at how strong I am becoming but discouraged because I have only lost 5 pounds and about 8 inches. I am hung up on the scale moving. I have committed April to pushing the workouts and watching the food so the accountability is perfect right now.

  6. Jessica says

    I have really been struggling with discipline in all areas of my life lately – especially with making God’s word a priority, with eating, and with exercise.

    I really appreciate your encouragement, Clare! I always feel “loved on” and spiritually edified after reading your posts. You have a gift for speaking the truth with love. =)

    I would like to participate in the Bible study and accountability program with y’all for the next four weeks!

  7. Ginger says

    I am 54 out of shape and can only dream of being in shape! I am in great need of a spiritual revival as well. Looking forward to being part of this 4 week challenge.. I may not do the fancy crossfit traning, etc, but I will try and get back to a workout routine!

  8. Kenna says

    I did GMG’s “Intentionally Focused” and LOVED it! I have been trying to get into the groove of a workout routine and haven’t been able to be consistent. I just turned 40 on Friday and know that now is the time to kick start my motivation and find something to stick with. I think that this was an answer to a prayer as I have been trying to figure out a way to get motivated! Thanks for help in this area! I’m in!

  9. Michele says

    Thanks, Clare. I have already signed up for the GMG Why Easter Matters & so happy I saw this post on Facebook. I really need the discipline & accountability.

  10. Jayme says

    I’m in! This is great timing because even though I’m in a GMG group, my workouts and healthy eating have been off the past two weeks! Thank you for offering this opportunity:)

  11. Doris says

    I am all in!!! I am doing a Beth Moore study but am hoping to make time for both!!! I need some accountability right now!!!!!

  12. Rachel says

    I’m in! Not much of an exercising person but would love to begin some type of workout to better care for my body. Thank you for putting this together!

  13. Brada says

    I am totally in. Just signed up for a 10K race in two months, so this will help me stay in track. But I more so need to have the accountability for my faith. God has been faithfully pulling me towards a closer relationship with him and this will be just the thing to keep me where I need to be. Thanks Clare!!

  14. says

    This is perfect timing. I have been wanting to start an exercise progra again & what better way to do it than w/friends of God & through prayer chains.
    Thank you,

  15. says

    I’m TOTALLY in! I’ve got my next week of workouts planned and almost all my meals. I’m committed to taking care of this body of mine. I have over 100 lb to lose, but I’m just taking baby steps and making small goals!

  16. Jenfurry says

    I need bible study accountability for sure I have the workout part down and maybe to much, but love to see what you do in your workouts:0)

  17. Christy M says

    I’m in!!! Can’t wait! This 4 weeks ends the same day as my first 1/2 marathon!!!! God is always right on time!

  18. Heather M says

    I’m in!! I was already planning on doing the bible study, and I just had baby #2 4 weeks ago, so I need the accountability for sure!!!

  19. Wendy I says

    I love accountability. It let’s you know your not alone. For me personally, I need it. I don’t have many Christian friends so no one really cares if I’m in Gods word or not. There’s no one rooting for me or encouraging me to keep on. Especially when life gets busy. Thank you for caring!

  20. Katherine says

    I’m in! I could definitely use accountability in both areas! I just started the couch to 5k program and I want to make sure I don’t slack off with it like I have in the past! Thanks! :)

  21. Jennifer says

    I’m in! Leading my 5th study with GMG and I am so thankful for the accountability that my GMG group provides. I have been working hard on changing my eating habits and being more active so this will be great! Thank you!!

  22. Christa says

    Oh – I am so in!! This is great…I just happened to see this on my FB feed this morning – right after I did my GMG study! 😉 I need the accountability for working out too…this is timely! Thank you!!

  23. Stephanie says

    A day late reading/finding out about this, but I’m in. Pretty much been my morning routine already (wake up, devotion, work out), but I really enjoy these group challenges! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  24. says

    YES- I am in! Love the Bible Studies through GMG, and I am excited about the accountability for exercise as well.

    PS I LOVE your recent videos with exercise routines to “Let It Go” and “Alive”- more like a dance routine and easy to follow! Can you do more like those, especially to praise music? 😉 Spiritual and physical workout at the same time- yes please!

  25. Teresa Dolan says

    Is it to late to join? I would love to do this!!! Clare I met you at the Women’s Retreat at Friends this weekend. Loved your class! I was the girl who asked for encouragement when you get an injury! Thank you for letting God use you as a vehicle!!!

  26. Monique Parish says

    Yes!!! I’m in with you! My time with God and my workouts have slacked these last two weeks due to life getting in the way. However, I know that when I did the intentionally focused study I noticed that my workouts and eating properly all fell into place I crave Gods word and it stimulates and nourishes me so well and it inspires me to work in myself in other ways too!! So excited to see what God is going to show me at the end of these four weeks!!!

  27. Ashley says

    I’m in and excited for the Word and the Workout accountability challenge! Thanking God for you, Clare, for being the source of accountability for so many.

  28. Nikki says

    I’m in. Just saw this on FB this morning. Hubby is out of town. I had 2 out of 3 kids with a stomach bug yesterday. Feeling really tired. Had been debating in my head whether I should go back to bed for a bit or do a quick workout video. Thinking the workout might win.

  29. Kristin says

    I am in, Clare. I have been struggling with my diet the last few weeks and decided to start again today and need some help with getting my exercising done too so this comes at a great time. Thanks!

  30. Natasha Bryant says

    I’m in, this is my first GMG Online Bible Study and I am really enjoying it. I have been off track with my clean eating and exercise the past few weeks and definitely need the accountability!You are such and inspiration and encouragement!!

  31. Denise M says

    I love the GMG studies! We need to take care of our souls and our bodies. Thanks, Clare, for all of the encouragement you give in both of these areas!

  32. Natalie B says

    Thanks for the accountability! We just moved and I don’t know many people to be accountable with so this is great til we get more settled in!

  33. Brenda M says

    I am in! I am excited about journeying through the Easter study with the GMG group I just joined, being able to enhance that will you all will be a blessing! Praying that we all embrace what He has for each of us through this season of Easter.

  34. Kelli says

    I’m in! I’ve really enjoyed GMG studies in the past and I’m looking forward to this Easter one. And I absolutely need some accountability with my workouts! Thank you!!!

  35. Karen says

    I’m in, I want to be in, I want to succeed, and yet……..tears come to my eyes from the looming sense of failure once again…..I really want to taste Victory from the other side…….I know all that sounds like I’m a quitter, yet I’m not and yet this area of my life has tasted Victory and not fully swallowed it…….prayers and help needed from a woman of God!

  36. Danielle says

    I feel like this is the answer I was looking for when I emailed you the other day. I’m excited for this. :)

  37. jackie says

    What a wonderful idea – for you to assist with accountability with the most important thing – continuing to develop our relationship with God – AND to promote accountability of caring for God’s temple, our body.

    Yes – I will take the accountability challenge. My prayer – Dear Jesus, provide strength for my mind and body; for me to stay focused on who i say i love (You) and who You love (me) – and keep my thoughts positive and focused on the goal; a closer relationship with you and understanding that my body CAN get stronger again. You are in control. And thank you for Clare, who has a huge heart for helping others.

  38. Emili Henderson says

    I am so in!!!! I’m ready to fully focus on the Prince of Peace during this great season to worship and praise not only through his word but also by health & body as the temple he create in me.

  39. gina says

    I am coming in a week late, but am going to play catch up this week! I love the accountability of focusing on my spiritual life and physical life at the same time!!

  40. Heather says

    I’m in! Forgot to comment but I’ve been in – in the Word daily & haven’t missed an exercise day yet either! Woohooo! Clare, you ROCK!


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